BCAG Fine Art Scholarship Fund Raising Raffle


It's time for the BCAG annual fund raising Raffle for its art scholarships awarded throughout the year.  Prizes for the raffle are two dimensional fine art donated by member artists. 

The donated fine art for the raffle is on display in an exhibit at the Boulder Dam Credit Union prior to Spring ArtFest.


 Create a painting or photograph, specifically to donate to this raffle. The only requirement is that artwork is two-dimensional, framed or canvas-wrapped; no size limit; no theme. 


Contact Committee member, Gina Marvin at 702-333-8520 or reghm2143@gmail.com for info.


Drop off artwork at the Gallery between March 15th and April 1st.


Artwork will be on display at the Boulder Dam Credit Union April 3-23rd.

The drawing will be April 24th.


Raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.


Assistance is also needed to sell raffle tickets at the Credit Union on Wednesdays April 12 & 19 and Fridays April 14 & 21. Two shifts each day; 9:00 a.m. to Noon and Noon to 3:00 p.m. Contact Gina to sign up. 


Your contribution of art and time is greatly appreciated. 

Let's make this year’s raffle the best ever! 


The historic Boulder Dam Hotel today, where the Boulder City Art Guild is located, in the heart of Boulder City, Nevada.

The mission of the Boulder City Art Guild is the promotion of fine art in Southern Nevada.



The Boulder City Art Guild, a non-profit organization established in 1973, is located in the historic Boulder Dam Hotel.  The Guild's Gallery has the distinction of being the first cooperative gallery in Southern Nevada.  The gallery is open to the public and artwork of more than 40 member artists is on display. The gallery is open 7 days a week and an artist is available to greet visitors.


The Boulder City Art Guild carries out its educational mission by:

  • awarding scholarships to graduating high school seniors who enroll in college art courses
  • young artists taking courses at the Boulder City Art Center
  • classes and activities offered by members to the public.  


The art in the gallery includes original works done by the members in acrylic, oil, watercolor, ceramics, metal, glass, wood, photography, pottery, sculpture and limited edition prints. In addition to that, the gallery gift shop has other artful items.




ABOVE: Members of the guild promoting an art show in 1986


BELOW: Spring ArtFest is here ...


Boulder City Art Guild Election


It is the time of year for any guild member interested in applying for a position on the board of directors to place your name on the slate for 2017-2018.  


Guild officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The other 11 positions are directors and each chairs a committee to complete their duties.  A slate of nominees will be compiled in March.  Ballots will go to all members at least 30 days prior to the membership meeting in May.       


All interested members are encouraged to contact Gina Marvin (702-333-8520) or call her if you have any election questions.   


President-The President presides over meetings and works with all board members as needed.  The president serves as the spokesperson for the guild and spreads its mission statement.  


Vice President-The Vice President chairs meetings in the President’s absence and serves the role of joining with the President as a guild spokesperson. 


Secretary- The Secretary takes meeting minutes and maintains these organization records, as well as preparing meeting agendas and maintaining an annual calendar of events.   


Treasurer-  This officer maintains the guild's financial holdings and submits reports to the CPA and membership on a regular basis. 


Assistant Treasurer- An Assistant Treasurer may be appointed at the discretion of the treasurer and would serve as Treasurer should the Treasurer to be unable serve in that position.   


Advertising/Publicity-The Advertising & Publicity Director is responsible for ads in all  media and developing various methods of publicity to spread the Guild’s message. 


Scholarship-This director develops and maintains a scholarship application, distributed through the Public Education Foundation, to high school students furthering their study of art in college.  The director also works with the Boulder City Art Center to provide mini-scholarships to students under 18 and over 60.  


Education-This director develops and manages educational programs such as workshops, group art activities and presentations by artists. 


Gallery– There are 3 Gallery Directors who develop and maintain the guild's gallery. 


Historian-The Historian gathers news and advertising clippings, photographs and other guild materials to be saved in the guild scrapbooks which they maintain.   


Hospitality-The Hospitality Director organizes and arranges for refreshments for Guild social activities such as annual membership meetings, receptions and other social functions.   This director works with a number of volunteers to accomplish these duties.


Membership-The Membership Director develops, maintains and processes membership application forms,  sends welcome letters and handbooks to new members, updates membership lists and processes annual dues.   


Shows Director-The Shows Director organizes and implements the Spring and Winter ArtFests and appoints committees to help with all the tasks necessary for successful shows. 


Website-This director is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the guild's website. 


Newsletter- This director develops and distributes the guild's monthly newsletter, Artful Accents.

For a virtual tour of the gallery, click here

Spring Artfest
APRIL 22-23,2017
sponsored by BCAG
Each year the art festival welcomes visitors from throughout the southwest who enjoy fine art and fine crafts created for sale by talented artisans. This year the Guild expects a record number of visitors to attend the weekend event at Boulder City's beautiful Bicentennial Park. The guests will experience the best little outdoor fine arts show in southern Nevada, which will include something for everyone! 

You are invited to participate in the 2017 Program, either as an advertiser, an artist or both.

Artists in the show will enjoy added attention when their ad is in the event program. Local businesses, restaurants, and hotels are encouraged to purchase space in this wonderful event program. For more information, see attached files. 
Contact Yolanda Grouell for Program information:
Yolanda Grouell: 
phone: 702-285-2014


Deadline for submission is April 5, 2017.  

Full Page = $175;
Half Page = $100; 
Quarter Page = $60 
Eighth Page = $35 (business card)
Below is an Advertising Rate Card with details, prices and submission requirements, along with an information form. 
Simply fill out the form and return to the Guild Gallery with payment and art work  (gallery located in the Boulder Dam Hotel,
1305 Arizona Street, Boulder City NV), or Mail to : 
BCAG/SAF 2017, 
PO Box 60204,
Boulder City NV 89005.
2017 Spring Artfest advertising card
SAF2017 rate card REV-1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [357.6 KB]
2017 Spring Artfest advertising form
BC SAF Program Advertising Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [334.8 KB]
Contact Show Director, Diana Meyer for booth space.
Diana Meyer: 
phone: 702-280-3985
2017 Spring ArtFest application and rules
2017 SAF app and rules.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [144.8 KB]
Looking forward to your participation in the 32nd Annual Spring ArtFest in Boulder City ...
A world away for a day!!
BCAG Show Committee
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