Roseann Gilmore

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Roseann Gilmore credits the 19 years spent living in the heart of Europe for re-awakening her life-long passion for painting. Upon her return to the States, she attended classes and workshops to refine her technique that she feels is still evolving.


Her medium of choice is oil but she has created work in both pastels and watercolor. As an artist, Roseann tries to convey the beauty of the world to others though her compositions. She takes pleasure in seeing how her paintings can create emotion in those that view them.


Roseann’s art has found its way into private collections in the United States as well as in Europe, has won awards for her paintings and has exhibited in numerous galleries.


Roseann prefers to work with oils on canvas and describes her paintings as representational.  Her subject matter originates from memory, photos, dreams and imagination.  She develops ideas through a series of sketches and then draws the chosen composition on a prepared canvas.


While creating her art, Roseann immerses herself into the process and completely shuts out the surroundings.  She finds the process demanding but rewarding and gets enormous satisfaction from the end result.  Roseann says her paintings are direct and straightforward with no hidden meanings attached.  She would like her work to be appreciated simply for the pleasure they may bring.


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