Peggy Christian

Mosaics are often used in decorative art. Most mosaics are made of small, flat, pieces of stone or colored glass known as tesserae. There are the ancient historical mosaics, of course, all over the world.  In particular, Italy, Spain, France and England.  It all began in Ravenna, Italy, in the 5th century.
I began working in stained glass over 30 years ago, and there was a natural progression to mosaics, which I have worked in for the past 10 years.  It is my passion and I am still fascinated with the way glass refracts light.  My work involves manipulating many other materials, such as Italian smalti, stone, rocks, fossils, marble, shells and tiles.  If not in the shape I need, I cut and snip until it fits.  I am inspired by nature and often take a photo of a favorite spot and turn it into a mosaic.
I have had the privilege of studying with two Italian artisans, who use the same methods as the mosaicists in the Vatican.  I have been represented in art galleries in Montana, Colorado and Nevada.  I am greatly influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, Vincent VanGogh and Henri Matisse.  I also teach workshops and I am thrilled when my students carry on the tradition and say that they look at the world differently now.
     “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way” 
     Georgia O’Keefe
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