Lynda Whitehair

Lynda Whitehair is a local artist and educator who has lived in Nevada for 50 years. Formerly from New York, she has degrees in Art Education and Curriculum and Instruction. Her experience includes teaching art in the Clark County School District and for the City of Las Vegas community centers.  For the last 46 years, she has enjoyed working with people of all ages from elementary students through high school, to  adults and senior citizens.

Lynda’s work is focused on highly decorated functional and sculptural ceramics and colored pencil drawings. Needing a new challenge, she began weaving three years ago. She exhibits locally and nationally. Her work is in the Boulder City Art Guild Gallery and has been in Ceramics Monthly Magazine and Lark Books “500 Vases.” and featured on the title page of Lark Book’s “Best Ceramics of the Decade.”


Lynda has been drawing and working in clay for more than 40 years. In her drawings, she uses pastels and colored pencils. She favors pastels for the figure drawings and colored pencils for the detailed botanical studies. The figure drawings are spontaneous studies taking one to four hours while a single botanical drawing may take more than 300 hours of layering colors. Her most recent drawings are compositions of things people collect.

Lynda’s weavings focus on color and texture and are woven on a four harness floor loom.  Scarves may use as few as 80 threads, while tea towels have upwards of 550 threads dressed on the loom.

Nature, women and the desert are Lynda’s inspirations, themes to which she always returns.  Whether functional, two dimensional or sculptural, Lynda wants her work to be colorful and exciting.

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