Jeffrey Oldham

It is said ’To know a man, you have only to walk a mile in his shoes’. This is true. But to know an artist you only have to look upon his art. For the art is a reflection of the artists’ soul.


Jeffrey’s paintings evoke a sense of wonder, awe and relaxation. His artwork recreates the beauty of nature from enchanting seascapes and the wonders of the ocean to wildlife’s endangered species. “I feel these subjects as artwork help to serve as a reminder of our fragile planet and our need to protect it.”


Jeffrey’s painting style is quite versatile and ranges from photorealistic to contemporary mixed media and a combination of the two. “I have found that the use of acrylics as a medium offers me the best means in which to create my art. I can use it like oil paint or watercolor to get the exciting results that I want. The possibilities are endless.” He continues to experiment and push the envelope in his mixed media artwork. This keeps his art exciting and fresh.


As an artist in Las Vegas, Jeffrey has been expanding his artistic creativity and growth within the art community. He enjoys participating in art events, shows and exhibitions.  “It is a privilege to share my personal passions through art with the art world.”

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