Georgia Lawson

I am a Fine Artist who loves COLOR! My favorite subject

that expresses my emotional use of colors is animals....most

of which have been commissioned work of Pet Portraits. I also

enjoy painting still life, landscapes, seascapes and family portraits,

to name a few.

I use a variety of mediums: OILS to give me great

depth of colors; WATERCOLORS to provide a wonderful free

flow of color movements; and ACRYLICS to establish a special

use as mixed medium and backgrounds.

In order to share in the Art World, I enjoy displaying my

Paintings at the Boulder City Art Gallery and exhibiting in art

shows. I also do monthly workshops at the “Old Henderson”

City Lights Gallery. In addition, I teach classes on watercolor

and oils for all levels every Friday at the local Henderson Hobby

Lobby. These classes provide an opportunity with groups to

challenge exercises for success and enjoyment of Fun with Art!

My enjoyment is the ongoing knowledge to improve each time I pick up a pencil, brushes and paint.... and to have fun!

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