Diane Ricks

Diane Ricks moved from Rancho Cucamonga, California to Boulder City just over a year ago and has been getting acquainted with the local art scene. Her artistic talents include painting on silk, watercolor, and acrylics.  She will be showing her silk paintings with a unique blend of applique and stitching.  


She began as a Fashion Designer and Costume maker, but when she discovered painting and dyeing her own fabric the sky was the limit.  She has taught her techniques all over the US, and her wearable art garments have been in shows nationally and internationally.  


Diane says,” I have been an artist, teacher, and sewing enthusiast for most of my adult life.  Yet, I feel that I am just beginning.  Beginning not to be afraid about what others may think of my work.  Beginning to try anything to express an idea and just to see if it works.  I love creative problem-solving.  Will my idea work?  That is what I try to discover.  Just planning a project is so exciting, but once I start working, the fabric and the dye starts to tell me what it wants to be and the fun really begins.  As I look across my work I see I am greatly inspired by nature, and it is so fulfilling to see the seed of an idea blossom into reality.”


Her six children, 24 grandchildren and 5 great grand children may think grandma is a bit wild for a senior citizen, but just wait until they see what she tries next!  She feels “ Life is meant to be filled with experiences and joy.  I hope to keep taking these creative journeys for many years yet to come.”

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