Charme Curtin

Charme Curtin attended classes at the Laguna Art Colony in Laguna Beach, CA while in high school.  Her studies continued at Memphis College in Memphis, Tennessee, and also at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.

More recently Charme' has gained further education from other professionals such as Julian Bloom, Jim Burns, Gerald Spencer, Jan Schaffer and Donna Zagotta in the watercolor medium.  she haas also studied oils under Lois Payne and Tamara Geddes and drawing under Susanne Forestieri.

Almost every day, Charme' can be found with a paintbrush in hand.  Her favorite subjects are the simple things she finds in every day life around her and from photographs her husband, brother and friends take for her to paint.  

Charme' has had the opportunity to live in states all over the Country - Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arizona, California and presently Las Vegas, Nevada.

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