Bonnie Marie Brunson

I began over 25 years ago using Corel to combine my works and add poetry.  Back then I would import  into Photo Shop from there into Corel to get the job done.  Today Adobe and Photoshop do everything.  I import each  working piece into photoshop and when I am happy with the piece I will flatten the image and save it as I like for prints and Artist proofs in the future.  Now I am even able to put many effects into my work because of photoshop capabilities.  I can flatten a piece and decide to save it differently and do special effects to it and even change colors and contrasts.   One of my favorite pieces to use as an example is  "Changing Seasons in America,"  Which has over 107 different faces and images created within it, many added or created right in photoshop!

Another I love is "Indian Lands" which started as a drawing that I loved, I sprayed it to hold the pencil from rubbing off and used different sepia and black pencils, imported into photosho and colorized as I liked and even added or highlighted areas I wanted noticed until I wa happy with it.


I have in the past shown  for years in various locations around  Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego coastal areas and Solana Beach.  I have work that can be seen on  I am now living in Henderson, Nevada.  I have shown at the Henderson Convention Center and  will be showing at the Boulder City Art in the Park first weekend in October and November 10 & 11 Boulder City Parks and Recreation.

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