Annalea DeFazio


Annalea DeFazio is the daughter of artist parents from Holland. Growing up with two artistic painters in the family, Annalea has been surround by art and tools of the trade all her life. Annalea was born in Canada and remembers always creating something with her hands, including the gifts given to family and friends. 

Although she has painted, spun yarn, thrown pottery and created pine needle baskets, her passion for working with stained glass emerged after taking a class in 1983. For many years, she worked out of her studio in California creating custom stained glass win-dows. After life took some interesting turns, Annalea gave up the studio but her passion for creating in glass continued and she be-gan making one-of-a-kind gifts using her stained-glass skills and vintage pieces found in antique shops. 


“Annalea has been working with stained glass her entire adult life and truly loves what she does. By scouring antique shops, she finds dis-tinctive and marvelous materials which she incorporates into her art. Annalea’s inspirational crystal crosses are mounted above unique bases fashioned from an eclectic array of antique bottles, old oil lamps, vintage perfume bottles, crystal candle holders, and more! This unique blend of improvisation and skilled craftsmanship makes every piece truly one of a kind. She is becoming well known for her fine glass work and crystal crosses and has a devoted following of friends and customers on both Facebook and Etsy. Each piece is one of a kind and signed with love and care by Annalea.” Visit Annalea at: &

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