Lee Moses

As a child, Lee was always interested in drawing and building almost anything.  Since the first time he saw photographs of the prehistoric cave paintings in France and the geoglyphs on the plains of Nasca in Peru, has had an increasing fascination with primitive art. The art of the earliest American natives has become his primary interest. 

From his early teens Lee worked summers, after school and weekends as a draftsman.  He studied engineering at the University of Chicago but decided to pursue his interest in art when he was accepted by the Art Institute of Chicago.  He entered the work force as a designer and illustrator in the outdoor electrical advertising industry.  In his mid-twenties, Lee began working as a designer in the recreational vehicle industry designing trucks, buses, trailers and motor coaches.  When he retired from full time employment, he decided to rekindle his interest in fine art.  He has developed a unique style that presents primitive motifs in metal with a refined perspective.  

More recently he has added acrylic painting and abstract design to his repertoire.  His works have received awards in many shows and exhibits.  Lee is a member of the Boulder City Art Guild where he is currently the president, and City Lights galleries. 

 The 32nd Annual Spring Artfest
is in the history books.
The 32nd Annual Boulder City Art Guild Spring ArtFest was a success, drawing several thousand visitors from Boulder City and the surrounding areas over the course of the two day show.  The scholarship raffle sales raised nearly $2,000 that will be used for the guild's educational purposes in 2017-2018.  More than three dozen raffle prizes were awarded, thanks to the generosity of the guild members and artists in the ArtFest.  Thanks to all!  
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